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Dub MD Presents Access Immortal – The Scrapbook Vol.1

Posted in Access Immortal,Dub MD by epiksoundz on March 12, 2009
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1. The Scrapbook (Intro)
2. The General (Produced By 7L)
3. Ring The Album (feat. Golden Child) (Produced By Ruckspin)
4. Monday Night Raw (Produced By J-Zone)
5. Everything I Know (Produced By Ruckspin)
6. Fuck The Rap Game (Produced By Access Immortal)
7. Welcome To The Hood (Produced By GreenSteez)
8. Culture Shock (Produced By Ruckspin)
9. Styles Upon Styles (feat Karniege & Medinah Starr) (Produced By Nygh)
10. Acc The Villian (Produced By Ruckspin)
11. Days Go By (Produced By 9th Wonder)
12. The Reign (feat. Oktober) (Produced By GreenSteez)
13. Million Dollar Rapper (Produced By The Wisemen)
14. I Will Not Lose (Produced By Lawz Spoken)
15. The Mechanic (feat. Mello & Emaze) (Produced By Alchemist)
16. Resident Evil (Produced By Vanderslice)
17. The People (feat. Medinah Star) (Produced By Kanye West)
18. M.V.P. (Freestyle) (Produced By DJ Premier)
19. DJ BMV (Freestyle) (Produced By Pete Rock)
20. New York (feat. Ph7) (Produced By Ph7)
21. The Scrapbook (Outro)

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