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Steele (Smif n Wessun) – Hostyle Takeover

Posted in Steele by epiksoundz on March 12, 2009
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general steele

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1. Takeover Intro
2. Hostyle Takeover (feat. Rock)
3. 1, 2
4. Black Godfather (All Out War Skit)
5. Back Down
6. Hate On Haters
7. No Love (feat. 5Ft. Of Black Moon)
8. Steele Juxx (feat. Rustee Juxx)
9. On Da Grind
10. Move Out My Way (feat. Wayne White)
11. Jack Move
12. Don’t Sleep (feat. Supreme)
13. Fuck You Tonight
14. Down 4 My Niggas (feat. Young Coke)
15. Boondocks (Operation Black Steele Skit)
16. Operation Black Steele
(feat. Wayne White & O-Smash)
17. Wot You Gon Do? (feat. Stormey)
18. M.I.B.
19. I Want You To Know
20. Boondocks (What’s Hood? Skit)
21. Cold Blooded
22. Don’t Give In Your Gun
23. Everything I Love

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